Dr. Cali Estes is interviewed on KTLA TV Los Angeles Channel 5 to discuss the signs, symptoms and issues releated to technology addiction and how you can fix the problem.What is causing technology addiction to skyrocket among our population? Dr. Cali Estes was featured on KTLA TV news to discuss signs and symptoms of tech addiction. Firstly, technology addiction can be on your phone, laptop, or TV. Secondly, you can be addicted to social media sites, because posting and watching others live on social media has become the new ‘normal’. Thirdly, checking your email obsessively for work is also an addiction.

What can you do and how do you recognize the signs? Join Dr. Cali Estes as she is interviewed on KTLA TV Los Angeles Channel 5 to discuss the signs, symptoms, and issues related to technology addiction. and how you can fix the problem. See more on CALI ESTES

In this KTLA Video, Dr. Cali Estes is interviewed on the topic of the internet and social media addiction. Do you know how to recognize a tech addiction, because it is important that we triage it in the early stages? This video contains information that will firstly help you determine if you have a tech addiction. Secondly, you will learn the steps to take to treat social media addiction before it leads to depression and mental health issues. Thirdly, you will learn how to manage your screen time effectively because excessive screen time will lead to addiction.

Dr. Cali Estes has been featured on KTLA three times for social media and internet addiction. She is considered a guest expert.

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