Positive Recovery MD Podcast with Dr. Cali Estes

21 Days to Massive Change, with Dr. Cali Estes:

Positive Recovery MD

Did you know that if you can make one small change for 21 days, you can make one massive change
over your life? Whether you’re focusing on your fitness journey or overcoming issues with mental health
and addictions, it’s the small steps that make the greatest impact. By showing up for yourself, you in
turn show up for others.

This week, we are talking with Dr. Cali Estes Ph.D. ICADC MCAP MAC CYT CPT, Founder of Sober on
Demand and The Addictions Academy. In this episode, we discuss the importance of Mental Health and
how to reverse the way we view addiction. Dr. Cali Estes shares that once we reframe our shortcomings
with Positive Inspiration, we begin to strengthen our mindset.

Positive Recovery MD Podcast with Dr. Cali Estes

 First, Dr. Cali discusses what it takes to understand how to work with those who struggle with
mental health and addictions, and her own personal experiences. Dr. Cali Estes is the author of the
best-selling book ‘I Married a Junkie’, which reveals more about her own struggles with food
addiction, and how she became the owner of the biggest online school for Recovery Coach training, The Addictions Academy
and many other certified coaching courses that coincide with drug and alcohol treatment

 Secondly, Dr Cali Estes, talks about coping mechanisms, how to handle dealing with a loved one who is
also struggling with mental health and addiction. She also discusses positive psychology and
how it can bring a person fighting addiction and / or their loved one to realize they have a
 Next, Dr. Cali Estes discusses how to get to the root causes of what the problem is, and how to
find solutions to said problem(s) with mental health and addiction. She mentions food addiction
as well, and how to make small lifestyle changes in order to eventually make bigger changes.


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