Join Dr. Cali Estes as she is featured for the 5th time on KTLA TV in Los Angeles. Her work with Failure to Launch Syndrome and the young adults that won’t seem to launch is groundbreaking. Her signature program FixFailure2Launch, has helped 100’s of families get back on track. First, you have to determine if you are a helicopter parent. This is also known as lawnmower or snowplow parenting. It is when the codependent parent is over-controlling with the teen or young adult. Secondly, the parent will explode and then play the victim role because they have not gotten their needs met. This confuses the teen or young adult and causes a people-pleasing effect.

Long term effects of this type of parenting cause a failure to launch in the teen or young adult.  Thirdly, the effect is the teen or young adult will be living at home, gaming, doing drugs, and drinking with no job or desire to ‘life’ well into their 20’s and even 30’s. Listen in as Dr. Cali Estes explains Failure to Launch Syndrome and how to fix it.   See The Addictions Coach for more info.