Is Dr. Cali Estes The Female Dr. Drew? Video. Join her on the Red Carpet with AfterBuzz Tv backstage at The Comedy Store. This video clip was taken at The Comedy Store after The ‘This is My Brave” Carrie Fisher Foundation live vent. The event was designed to bring awareness to mental health and addiction issues. Firstly, Dr. Cali Estes opened the night by discussing addiction and her experience. Secondly, The creator of Will & Grace offered a comedic routine. Thirdly, comedians from the Local LA scene entertained the audience, including the mayor.      
Is Dr. Cali estes the female Dr. Drew? Well, she was named by Afterbuzz Tv, on the red carpet at this event as The Female Dr. Drew. This is mainly because of her famous addiction work with celebrities and top CEO’s.   Join her in the video below.

Dr. Cali Estes on the Red Carpet and AfterBuzz Tv Video. Join Dr. Cali Estes as she discusses the topics of mental health, addiction and her work with celebrities with addiction and mental health issues.