Lydia Fuqua,
It was so wonderful to hear you speak, thanks so much for being part of the opioid conference!

DCCA Chair, Kansas Opioid Conference 2020 Keynote Speaker

Dr. Cali Estes was the Keynote speaker for Kansas State Opioid Use Disorder Conference 2020. The conference was sponsored by DCCA and a dull copy of Dr. Cali Estes’s speech on her life with her husband using heroin, is below.

Firstly, Dr. Cali Estes discussed how she began her private company in 2012 and did not know that her musician husband, Tim Estes was using heroin. Her company, The Addictions Academy is the largest online addiction education school in the globe. During building her company she learned of his use and 3 overdoses, 7 car crashes, and 1 carjacking later, he got sober,

Secondly, Dr. Cali Estes discussed her book, I Married a Junkie and she gave tips and tricks on how to spot a hidden addiction and what to do to help the afflicted individual to get sober off drugs and alcohol.  she offered ways that clinical therapists in the drug and alcohol treatment centers can help with the family and how families can get the services they need to understand drug and alcohol addictions.  She offered free PDF’s at UnpauseYourLife for clinical staff and families.