CNN Video Dr. Cali Estes

Enjoy this CNN Video of Dr. Cali Estes with Lamar Odom overdose topic.Dr. Cali Estes was interviewed in this video by Don Lemon.

CNN video of Dr. Cali Estes with Lamar Odom overdose.

Dr. Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach, is interviewed as an Expert in Addiction on CNN, The Don Lemon show. She discusses Lamar Odom and the recent issues surrounding his recent overdose. Dr. Cali Estes worked for the NBA as a therapist at the time. She able to comment on several things live on CNN News. Firstly, She discussed how the NBA has a special program to help their athletes with addiction issues and mental health issues. Secondly, she discussed how Lamar Odom spiraled out of control because of his wife’s actions.  Thirdly, she discussed family addiction and the role the family plays because it is important to understand.

What happens when an NBA player gets caught at a brothel with drugs and overdoses? It depends on the player and the situation of how quickly he recovers from the public relations blowout.  Firstly, they have to address addiction issues. Secondly, they have to handle the public relations fallout. Thirdly, they have to get the family under control.