How do you know if you are addicted to social media, video games, and technology? If you are having trouble putting your phone down now maybe the time to address your technology addiction. There are some specific signs that you are addicted to.  Firstly, you spend a lot of your time online. You are always surfing the web, playing gon Facebook, Tickock, or Google. Secondly, you consistently check your email because you don’t want to miss anything. Thirdly, you are playing a game like CandyCrush,  Minecraft, or even Fornite and can’t put the game down.

Join Dr. Cali Estes on KTLA TV in Los Angeles. In this segment, she discusses Technology Addiction, social media addiction, and even video game addiction and the internet addiction class at  The Addictions Academy,

Join Dr Cali Estes on KTLA TV in Los Angeles as she discusses Technology Addiction and The Addictions Academy class on Internet Addiction.